Signed! Scott Emmerson, our New Academy Coach

We are excited to announce that we have recently “signed” Scott Emmerson, former Project Manager at RE:GEN Group as our new RE:GEN Academy Coach. Scott has been spending quite a bit of time with Team RE:geon recently to work on the next phase of growth for the RE:GEN Academy.

So, what is the RE:GEN Academy?

Our vision for the RE:GEN Academy is to future-proof our business, and the wider industry as a whole by growing and developing the next generation of talent, whilst working with partners to help tackle the skills shortage. We are people-first, focussing on developing the individual rather than concentrating solely on skill sets.

How does RE:geon Training and the RE:GEN Academy complement one another?

RE:geon Training is the first step into the RE:GEN Academy. RE:geon nurtures candidates through their pre-employment training to get them “apprentice-ready”.

Once a candidate completes their Pre-Employment Skills Bootcamp with RE:geon and are successful in progressing through to the RE:GEN Group on a full-time apprenticeship basis, they will enter the RE:GEN Academy.

What are the benefits of the RE:GEN Academy:

We know that an apprentice’s first 2 years with us are crucial but the first 12 months even more so. We want to ensure that through the RE:GEN Academy we offer a clear and structured pathway for apprentices to continue their learning journey to create the highest calibre of candidates possible in Year 1. Other benefits include:

  • Enhancing RE:geon’s existing bootcamp model
  • Bridging the recruitment and on-boarding gap
  • Creating a “RE:GEN ready” workforce 
  • Creating bespoke development plans for each apprentice 
  • Standardise the methodology for development – we want to pave the way for the next generation of workforces to truly succeed.

So, what does a typical week as an apprentice in the RE:GEN Academy look like?

What does Scott’s new role entail?

Scott’s new role as Academy Coach will see him bringing learnings and experiences from the sporting world into our Academy to cultivate a culture around continual progression and growth. 

His role is here to complement and enhance existing management roles within the business, working alongside the wider teams to devise and coordinate a personal development plan for each apprentice. Whilst the plan is very much tailored to the individual, Scott will also spend time identifying how these plans feed into the wider growth strategies and success of the business, to ensure that everyone can benefit from this uplift in progression and determination to reach higher.  

His role will also enable us as a Group strengthen partnerships within Further/Higher Education to provide the ‘best in class’ standard for employee development. Our aspirations are to spend some time over the coming months to perfect the model before widening our offer out to clients and supply chain. 

To find out more about the pre-employment courses available at RE:geon Training and for regular updates about the RE:GEN Academy please contact