When quick-thinking turns into life saving actions: Just another day at the office!

Everyone at RE:GEN embodies our values on a day-to-day basis, but we often see our teams going above and beyond, which is testament to the values and commitment of the team at RE:GEN.

What began as a normal working day for Customer Engagement Coordinator Bev and Trainee Site Manager Mo, soon took a turn where quick actions and incredible compassion ultimately saved somebody’s life.

Turning up to work in the Crook area of Durham where we’re currently on site for believe housing, Bev had the day before, spoken on the phone to a customer to talk about the upcoming works that were due to begin on her home and to arrange a consultation visit in the coming days.

The following morning, Bev received a phone call from the same customer to say she was experiencing significant pain and couldn’t move from her bed. She explained she’d tried to get hold of family but without any luck. Fortunately, Bev’s number was the next one on the call list to try.

She’d been unable to move for most of the morning and so whilst trying to ring the right care team and local hospital support, Bev and Mo jumped in the car.

On arriving at the property, they could hear the customer screaming in pain as they rushed to offer what help they could. Both Bev and Mo showed incredible compassion as they lifted her into a wheelchair, ensuring she was as comfortable as she could be whilst they waited for medical help to arrive.

Following up with the customer and her family the next day, they were incredibly grateful to the help both had shown.

Jonathan Horner, Managing Director of RE:GEN North East, said: “Their dedication to their work and the wellbeing of the customer made a significant difference and likely saved a life – well done Bev and Mo!”