Introducing RE:GEN Solutions

When faced with adversity, remaining agile is everything. There is no denying that the North East Construction industry has suffered some terrible losses in recent weeks, but it has been incredibly heartfelt to see how, as an industry, we are coming together to support one another.

As the saying goes, as one door closes, another always opens and it is with that, that we are delighted to announce a new era in Asbestos Abatement and Management in the North East. As part of the second stage in the development of our solution-based business, comes the creation of a new business entity to sit within our family: RE:GEN Solutions.

In recent days we had explored the option of acquiring an existing Asbestos Abatement business but to avoid further disruption and increased rates to the sector, the set-up of RE:GEN Solutions will enable us to offer the same rates as the market is already in tune with, at a consistent level of care and quality.

RE:GEN Solutions will proudly be headed up by Managing Director Anthony Wade who will be joined by many renowned and familiar faces including Operations Manager Shaun Nesbitt and Contracts Manager Paul Dickinson.

Anthony Wade, CEO of RE:GEN Solutions comments:

“It’s been a whirlwind few days to say the least but as one door closes, another has most certainly opened as I announce my new appointment as Managing Director at RE:GEN Solutions. Alongside my team, we will drive forward a new era in Asbestos Abatement and Management Services in the North East, delivering on our promises for new and existing clients alike.

Over the course of the coming days, we will touch base with all existing clients to ensure a seamless transition, along with providing the emergency response cover that may be required.

I would like to thank Lee Francis, Brinsley Sheridan and every member of our new RE:GEN family for their support and open arms. It’s a very exciting step forward for our business and a very promising one for our industry too. I invite you all to follow our new company page as we look to increase our presence and share the start of our new journey.”

Lee Francis, CEO at RE:GEN Group comments:
“The set up and launch of a new business in under 24 hours is one thing, but our proudest achievement through the creation of RE:GEN Solutions has been our ability to act fast and save over 30 jobs for some of the best talent our region has to offer.

The quality, commitment and level of care to delivering unrivalled solutions by Anth & his team makes this venture a seamless fit for the Group and our culture. RE:GEN Solutions is an extension of our Dynamic approach to innovating, adapting and overcoming the challenges of now and the future as well our desire to Challenge the Norm.

We cannot continue to watch more and more businesses fall down due to unrealistic expectations, cost cutting and a race to the bottom. It’s time to ignite a change in policy and rewrite the script for the longevity of our sector. RE:GEN Solutions is a large signifier of our enhanced commitments to driving this change. As a business we feel very fortunate to continue our growth plans when so many businesses within our sector are facing quite different realities. Through the launch of RE:GEN Solutions, and our existing operations within the RE:GEN Group, we will continue to support as many customers, employees and supply chain as we possibly can.”