What are the benefits of being a subcontractor?

At RE:GEN, subcontractors make up an important part of our business. Not only do they help us to deliver on a variety of social housing and construction projects throughout the North East but they are an extension of our family. But what exactly does it mean to be a ‘subcontractor’ and what are the benefits that come with being one?

In order to answer this, let’s first define the difference between a contractor (like ourselves) and a subcontractor. A contractor provides an agreed service with a client for an agreed rate for a set duration under an approved and procured contract. To help a contractor fulfil their obligations, a subcontractor will be brought in to deliver on a specific part of the agreed service – whether that’s to help lighten the workload, increase performance or to bridge any niche skills gaps. Large subcontractors will go through a similar procurement process to main contractors, so in this instance, a subcontractor will have a contract with the contractor to deliver on the work required. Smaller subcontractors may also be involved in the process, working as a free agent, and employed on a day-to-day (or ad hoc) basis as and when their skills are required. Usually, a subcontractor’s skills are more specialised rather than generalised to enable them to take ownership of specific tasks within the wider project scope. For example, in our projects, we will hire subcontractors based on set trades, such as gas & plumbing, electricity, joinery etc.

Hiring a subcontractor increases output and improves the quality of the work. Subcontractor management isn’t just about hiring an extra set of hands: it’s about partnering with like-minded businesses to drive a new vision forward and ensure the job is completed to the highest of standards.

Subcontracting can bring a whole list of benefits to both parties: most notably through improved performance and workplace synergy. As a subcontractor, regardless of your size, you offer A LOT of value to contractors and larger construction companies. For example, by partnering with a contractor and allowing them to use your independent or specialist skills, as a collective you will be able to successfully take on bigger projects. Projects that may have previously been outside of yours or your contractor’s remit – boosting the credentials and case study opportunities for all involved. As a subcontractor, you don’t need to put all of your eggs in one basket and can be contracted to work with several contractors and clients. In doing so, you can secure a range of income streams for the stability of your pipeline and overall longevity of your business. Another great benefit you can bring to contractors is keeping their overheads down. As a ‘subby’, you eliminate the pain-point of contractors needing to hire new, full-time employees in order to meet project demand. What’s more you’re likely to have, and choose to use your own equipment and tools, reducing the need for contractors to supply this. By being a subcontractor, you can unlock a variety of different projects, rather than being pigeon-holed into the same thing time and time again. Even if your specialism is in something niche, the people and projects will always be different, presenting you with a breadth of experience. Talk about a seriously desirable proposition!

Increasing productivity is probably one of the biggest benefits of working with a subcontractor. By engaging with subcontractors, larger companies can better play to their employee’s strengths. Instead of giving employees tasks that fall outside of their remit, you can outsource these requirements to a subcontractor. Doing so will allow your staff to focus on core business needs and a subcontractor will likely get the job done quicker and to a better standard in the long run, especially if it’s an area they have acute expertise in.

So, what is the benefit to subcontractors for joining the RE:GEN Group?

Well, that’s simple! As a subcontractor, we aren’t precious about the size of your business. The key is on being the right fit for the job, as well as the right fit for our business. For us, we’re big on culture because being aligned and demonstrating synergy in how we work plays a pivotal role in the safe, efficient and profitable running of our sites. Where necessary, we can be flexible on payment terms, particularly when it comes to supporting smaller subcontractors who may be new to the market. We can also support you in your business’ sustainability journey through the provision of comprehensive carbon reduction plans – a key consideration you need to be thinking about now in anticipation of the requirements set to hit the industry next year. Most of all, we want you to grow, and we will do everything we can to see you thrive.

Subcontractors who work hard and consistently deliver high quality work will be successful in building trust with their contractors. In doing so, they will be rewarded with the stability of regular work and the longevity of working with a larger, and increasingly reputable business. As a contractor grows, so do their partners so it’s an exciting journey to be on if you’re in the right boat!

If you’d like to find out more about what it’s like to be in the RE:GEN boat, then why not attend our SUPER-SUB event on Thursday 21st July at St James Park, Newcastle.

We’re hosting a first-of-its-kind networking event, to increase our pool of trusted and reliable subcontractors. We’re inviting businesses from all around the region to come together and share in our vision to Challenge the Norm and do things differently. Ideally, we’re looking to engage with businesses from the North of Tyne area who are either already working within the social housing and retrofit sector, or share a passion for wanting to work in this sector moving forward.

Even if you’re not in that location, there’s a place at the table for everyone, and we’re looking for some real key players to step up and sign up! So, if you’ve got what it takes then come join us! We’d love to meet you.